Do you really get the most out of your bike? Do you make sure all the required adjustments are made to keep it in tip-top shape?
If you want to perform on your bike, you first need to be comfortable on it. Our philosophy is to base the bike's positioning on the cyclist, and not the other way around!
In the cyclists world, if you want to stand out of the crowd, there is no better way than customizing your bike's wheels!
Ultime Vélo is The ultimate reference when it comes to hand-built wheels.
You are looking to try a really good "Fat Bike"? Ultime Velo has you in mind by offering rentals of the famed Trek Farley.
Unlike all other "Fat Bikes, the Trek Farley is light and nimble capable of conquering whatever the trail throws at you!
Ultime Vélo offers you the possibility to rent a travel bike case, a roof box and a bike rack for your car.
Whether you use your skates for hockey, ice dancing/figure skating or just for getting around, we offer several specific sharpening services and make sure we deliver the utmost quality.